Startups Need To Focus On Content Marketing – Here’s Why!

Startups Need To Focus On Content Marketing – Here’s Why

In recent years, the emphasis on content marketing has increased alongside internet penetration in startups & industry. There’s a reason why companies are putting their time, resources, and even pride on the line for content marketing.

Content marketing as a medium of marketing has grown exponentially in recent years. Digital marketers rely heavily on content marketing to grow their traffic organically and turn website visitors into happy customers.

Let’s see whether statistics tell a different story or not:

  • Talking about affordability, an analysis by Demand Metric shows content marketing is about 61% cheaper than conventional marketing.
  • On evaluating the business, a survey by Demand Gen shows nine out of ten customers refer to online content before buying a B2B product or service.
  • Coming to lead generation, according to Oracle, content marketing produces three times more leads compared to traditional marketing.
  • Talking about adverts, according to Hubspot, 86% of people skip TV ads, 56% of people never see digital ads.
  • Talking about Trust, according to Demand Metric, 82% of customers feel their trust towards the sponsoring company grows upon reading its organic content online.

All these statistics clearly illustrate the importance of content marketing for any business. People want to consume as much content as possible before jumping to conclusions about any particular brand. This explains why online content is such an appealing option for customers.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process of establishing trust and attracting the attention of your target audience with the help of various kinds of content to improve engagement, thereby increasing brand awareness and the number of inbound leads.

In order to carry out their marketing strategies, brands and startups use over 100 types of content. What if the concept of content marketing provided a much broader scope than simply utilizing different content types?

International brands like Apple, Adidas, or Tesla share tons of content on social media platforms to engage their audience. In contrast, Indian brands like Zomato, Paytm, Ola, Swiggy need no introduction, thanks to their high-quality content marketing strategy. Did you know? According to Inc42, over 10 Indian startups will turn Unicorns in 2021.

The numbers of local brands are soaring, thanks to marketing campaigns that target specific segments of the population. Various Startups in Nashik have hopped on to the content marketing bandwagon. Are you one of them? Are you too looking for the best content writers in Nashik? Let’s connect to help you get high-quality content for your business. A trusted content writing agency can help you in building a recognizable brand through various kinds of content.

In India, the demand for content has reached the sky’s limit. With businesses shifting their base online, the need for concrete content marketing strategies has increased many folds. Remote working culture has prompted content creators to work from home and offer their services to brands and companies, resulting in a significant boost to even small-scale content creators.

Startups in Nashik, Pune, New Delhi, etc. constitute EdTech companies, food startups, healthcare companies, online ration shops, etc., that have been getting high ROIs through effective content marketing strategies. This upsurge has led to a boom in demand for content writers in Nashik or content creators in general. The focus of marketing has shifted to adding real value to the customers. Companies generally latch onto a trend that doesn’t reflect their brand message in an effort to gain cheap engagements, which may result in poor performance of the campaign.

The emergence of content marketing came after failures of ad campaigns that failed to engage audiences. Paid advertisements have lost their impact since such ads started gaining less influence. Quality content is now more important as a result.

Content marketing is not a passing trend, so if you’re a new entrant looking to grow your business, you need to become proficient at content marketing or hire professionals like the team at Content Writing 101. There’s no stopping it; it is a force to be reckoned with. Here are 11 significant reasons why startups should invest in content marketing.

1. Helps The Business To Rank Higher On Search Engines

When you produce high-quality content consistently, Google tends to push you up the rankings in the search engine results page (SERP). An impactful content marketing strategy helps the audience engage with your content which in turn drives more traffic. The more visits your website gets, the more engagement and, as a result, a deeper connection with the audience.

So high rankings don’t just help grow your organic traffic but also help yield massive ROI as a result of a long-term SEO strategy.

Seo Search Engine Optimization  by Content writing 101

2. Valuable Content Drives The E-A-T Factor

As part of a marketing strategy, any content marketing company should strive to build EAT, which stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust. These three elements of EAT are essential in Google’s eyes to create a holistic digital brand.

When you search for a content writing agency, SERPs will load a list of pages. The top-most results will have expert-written content that focuses on solving problems.

Once you start coming across the page multiples, Google analyses the increasing trust factor and starts pushing other content from the same sources across platforms.

Establishing authority means people will view your brand as a credible source of information. Here’s what a conversational platform called Drift did with a high-quality content marketing strategy. To attract audience attention, Drift lowered their quantity and began creating quality content. And the number of visitors shot up from a meager 198 in October 2015 to 28k in June 2016. The only reason why Drift got it right was due to audience-specific content marketing through valuable information, tips or tricks, or accurate calls to action.

3. Improves Brand Awareness And Recognition

It’s a unique trick not many have mastered. Communicating and engaging the audience through exciting content helps build brand awareness and, as a result, allows new users to interact and gain confidence.

An app that allows note-taking, Evernote, mastered its strategy through stories about how the app benefits different companies and organizations. Their engaging, relatable, and simple instructions helped the platform grow in multiple ways. People learned more about the app’s features thanks to these personalized stories, and the campaign accentuated its popularity.

4. Connection Through Different Media Channels

It’s a myth that there are different learning styles. People tend to adapt to a particular learning style. Some prefer visuals, while others like to read the most. Through content marketing, brands have the option of creating multi-platform content to reach each and every customer.

Any content marketing company can make a huge difference when it comes to the user experience through a variety of content. Whether it is long-form blog posts or 5-minute video tutorials, companies can experiment with delivering the information effectively.

Media channels

5. Creates An Army Of Brand Advocates

What happens when a visitor lands on your site? A battalion of brand advocates takes birth. Consequently, what happens when they share your content? It amplifies the brand’s message. Whenever you share something valuable, it gets the right kind of engagement.

John Deere’s publication, The Furrow, has been in the industry not for months or years but a century now. A 120-year long business has been a leading content marketing company that has been inspiring readers and customers through consistent and demonstrated content.

6. Boosts Engagement Through Every Stage Of Conversion Funnel

Content marketing has the ability to drive traffic through each stage of the conversion funnel. Top of the funnel or TOFU means creating awareness about the problem your brand addresses. A compelling piece of content can help customers enrich their thinking about various topics like the latest marketing trends or current financial standings of various companies.

Middle of the funnel or MOFU is about leveraging choice to the customers.  Customers are always waiting for the best solution. What you offer must solve their problem.

Sales Funnel Marketing content writing 101

The bottom of the funnel or BOFU is about influencing the customers to buy your product. The content marketing strategy that truly affects people’s decisions focuses on building interest in their minds. Through comparative studies, infographics, and more as they make sure the customer does not go empty-handed.

Content writing 101, for example, is a highly rated and reviewed content writing agency in India offering all kinds of content to companies and startups. Their projects illustrate how one brand can build awareness, provide choice, and leverage its services to potential customers.

7. Helps In Lead Generation

How can a company influence a new customer to buy its product? Definitely through a concrete marketing strategy, but this can take months, even years, to execute. By creating awareness among audiences, brands can generate leads and extend sales cycles through organic content.

Lead Magnets content writing 101

8. Helps Your Website Stay Fresh And Relevant

In content marketing, brands can convert visitors into repeat customers, but only if the content is up to date and always relevant.

Ranking high in searches isn’t just about depth and research. It’s also about fresh and relevant content. The rate of inbound links to the content helps the content maintain an updated profile. Along with regular updates, audience-specific content is also essential. Brands must focus on speaking the customer’s language. People need what they’re looking for, and if you don’t provide, someone else will.

9. Increases Conversion Rates

You would probably wonder how a travel brand generated sales through continual quality content or how a coffee company took advantage of content writers in Nashik to create blogs that produced repeat loyal customers.

To increase conversion rates, addressing concerns, and selling the product isn’t enough. Religious tourism startups in Nashik have been creating a spiral of customers by giving additional incentives to the customers. Their ad campaigns don’t focus on word-of-mouth marketing. Instead, a friendly conversation through a nice engaging story has helped them eke out big numbers.

10. Expands The Customer-brand Spectrum

The more the customer-brand spectrum, the more is the popularity among the public and hence more sales. This is another benefit of a solid content marketing strategy.

Think of Rolex. Their content isn’t just about timeless watches but also top-quality photography. With more than 10 million Instagram followers, Rolex has created a riveting personality through eye-catching photos telling a story. Just by virtue of pure brand personality, Rolex expanded the customer-brand spectrum to previously unscaled heights. A brand’s audience’s reaction to its content shows how much respect they have for it.

11. People Start Loving The Brand

Content from brands creates emotionally invested audiences; the benefits are not just about numbers. The promise of loyalty and trust even in difficult times is also included.

Talking about content writing agencies in India, multiple platforms provide all types of content marketing services. Content companies like Content writing 101, a content writing agency in Maharastra, have surged to the top with an audience that cares. Through a holistic approach, Content Writing 101 have developed robust connections with their audience.

Witty Twitter banters helped companies like Zomato establish deep bonds with customers. People are devoted to Zomato not because they love the product but because they are addicted to the brand.

Startups and small businesses can benefit immensely from the developing Indian economy. With audience-specific products and content marketing strategies, startups in Nashik have enhanced the regional business landscape. Content writers in Nashik, like the team at content writing 101, have also been in the spotlight for their unique content development strategies. In order for them to succeed, they have to think outside the box. Developing a competitive edge requires creativity and innovation.

All types of businesses, regardless of their size, budget and resources, should practice content marketing. Without a documented content marketing strategy, you’re fighting a lost cause.

What content marketing strategies have you incorporated so far? What are your favorite small-scale startups in Nashik, Bengaluru, and all other cities in India? Tell us more about them in the comments.

If you’re looking for affordable content for your website, then now is the right time to get it! Contact our team today and get affordable, high-quality content that converts.

Yash A Khatri

Yash A Khatri

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