Benefits of SEO-driven Content Marketing

Benefits of SEO-driven Content Marketing

If a shift has grabbed headlines in the last 4-5 years, it’s the shift from traditional to online content marketing. Content Marketing Institute reports that 91% of B2B marketers have a content marketing strategy. 

Of course, you’re already aware of the trend if you’re here, but you might wonder if this trend will work right for you. In this blog, we’ll study some of the major benefits of content marketing, its similarity with SEO, and how you can get a tailor-made content marketing strategy for your business. 

Why is SEO-driven Content Marketing Perfect For You?

Content marketing has less to do with the actual product and more to do with creating useful and informative content and answering the queries that your audience may have. For example, you can create articles, videos, blogs, entertainment, etc., that are related to your industry and publish them over your website and social networking channels. 

The core purpose of content marketing is to add value to your customers’ lives through unique, engaging content. However, it can be challenging to penetrate the web of content marketing and gain a following in such a huge market.

This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes to the rescue. SEO is the cornerstone for any content marketing strategy. Without SEO, content marketing is nothing but a staged gimmick. SEO is a vast area to cover which requires tons of expertise which is why businesses outsource their SEO content activities to professional content marketing service providers

By utilizing targeted SEO content marketing strategies, you can advocate your business in a clear and easy-to-understand manner and speak to your audience. SEO-driven Content marketing done correctly can drive surprising results for your business.

Furthermore, conversion rates are 6 times higher for businesses that adopted content marketing than those that didn’t. 

So, what are you going to do now? Are you ready to take the digital dive? 

Measurable Benefits Of Content Marketing For B2B Enterprises and SaaS Businesses

We’ve compiled the advantages of content marketing. Here are some statistics and examples. I leave it up to you to decide in the end. 

1. Content Marketing Attracts The Right Pool of Customers 

People ask a lot of questions and search for answers using search engines such as Google. By creating valuable content like useful videos or blogs, you can solve their queries and get the traffic you’re looking for. Good content also encourages others to link to your website. Finally, it raises your ranking and visibility on search engines as a result.

How Does Content Marketing Improve Customer Satisfaction

For example, if you are a car paint brand, creating content like what kind of paint to use, what color car paint is cheapest, how to protect car paint, etc., answers many questions people have. Your website will get the right traffic because you know that these people are interested in things related to washing machines.

2. Result-driven Content Marketing Keeps Your Users Engaged

The purpose of useful content is to provide readers and viewers with solutions, additional knowledge and to keep audiences engaged for longer periods. More time spent on your website will lead to more visits to your other blogs and learn more about you.

For example, A person is looking for the best eCommerce softwares. As an eCommerce website, if you have informative articles about the best eCommerce solutions, best practices to use, whether to go for custom or traditional softwares, etc., you can expect visitors to spend a lot of time on your site.

3. Content Marketing Helps Customers To Establish A Relationship With Your Brand

It is easier for people to see your brand as trustworthy and genuine when you create content relatable to them. This builds rapport and promotes customer loyalty. 

Better Customer Relationships

For example, most people would like to know what’s in the medicine they have been prescribed. A product description, along with caution advisory and other relevant information, helps them relate to your brand better.

4. Great Content Marketing Means More Sales

If your brand is perceived as trusted, it ultimately increases your conversion rate from mere spectator to buyer. And who doesn’t want to boost their sales and revenue? This can be achieved at a very low cost through content marketing, which will help you stay ahead of your competitors.

There are a lot of companies out there that manufacture ready-made clothing. Make sure your content gets your clothes more visibility, trust, and interest. Creating makeover videos, manufacturing videos, etc., is one way to accomplish that. It is very likely that your target audience will fall in love with your brand and choose it over others within the same category.

5.Businesses Can Acquire More Loyal Customers

Customers who love a brand want more people in their circle to believe in it. These customers help you increase your viewers by referring your brand to friends and family. As a result, you can acquire more loyal customers and increase your brand value.

Loyal Customers

If your customers love your coffee brand, they will go to great lengths to spread the word and convince their friends and family about it. Word of mouth is crucial to establishing your brand’s worth.

6. Builds Long-term Brand Families

You can think of a brand family as a group of people who share common interests and loyal customers. Just like your own family members, they are a great resource in a competitive market, standing by your side through thick and thin.

For example, Everyone wants a clean, productive workspace. An ergonomic brand of office supplies will greatly solve their problems. If you are such a brand and you create support groups, produce videos about numerous techniques and publish research-based articles, every working-class person would be highly benefited from your brand.

Where Do SEO And Content Marketing Overlap And Where Are They Very Different?

Both fields are interconnected – content marketing helps execute SEO strategies, and SEO strategies, in turn, improve content marketing.

There are significant content marketing needs that don’t necessarily revolve around search engine optimization. Think of non-keyword-oriented blogs and landing pages, gated content, company news, white papers, webinars, content designed for non-digital mediums). On the other hand, many SEO practices don’t necessarily involve content marketing (local SEO, technical SEO, indexation, website security/speed/stability, etc.)

I think it’s perfectly reasonable to blur the lines between the two functions – there’s a lot of overlap and codependency.

Get More Traffic For Business With

The concept of content marketing is not exclusive to big, well-known industries. Whether it is a mass industry or a small niche market doesn’t matter. Any company looking for long-term growth needs value-based content marketing services. That’s where we come in as a professional content marketing agency in Nashik. 

If you are looking for Content Marketing services in Nashik, Content Writing 101 provides personalized and customized solutions for all your online marketing needs.

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