How to Build SEO-Friendly Landing Pages

How to Build SEO-Friendly Landing Pages

What is a brand or a business without a website? A well-oiled marketing strategy comes to life only when you have a fully optimized website. That’s why websites get all the attention from marketers these days. But there’s one thing that skips the heads of most individuals- Optimising landing pages. 

A landing page is where a user “lands” when they click through your website from a search engine listing or social media. It is due to SEO-friendly landing pages that your campaign gets conversion opportunities. 

No matter what your content is, if you have wrongly-structured landing pages, you will have to face the consequences. Either the CTR goes down, or the bounce rate rises due to lack of relevance. 

You must have a keen eye for optimizing landing pages, and that’s why we made a roundup of all the best practices you need to follow to create SEO- Friendly landing pages. 

Let’s dive in! 

Lock Up Your Keywords Upfront

A solid keyword analysis is essential to keeping pace with the evolving industry trends. When you narrow down on user intent, the volume of search traffic, and competitors, your keyword strategy comes to life. Go through this little checklist before locking up your keywords for the landing page:

  • What are the search terms used by your users? 
  • Is there a way to rank against the competition for target keywords? 
  • How much organic traffic can your landing page accumulate? 
  • Does your landing page have enough to pip the competitors? 

And then follow these steps: 

Step 1

Focus on user intent and make a list of keywords

Step 2

Group semantically related keywords in accordance with the type of service. 

Step 3

The next big step is to research your competitors- how they rank for each keyword versus how your landing pages do.

Also, don’t forget about long-tail keywords, the secret to standing out from the high voltage competition. When big brands bring in their A-game, you’re left with no choice but to step aside and compete from the sidelines. Long-tail keywords don’t have a high search volume and are not very competitive among the audience. Hence they have reasonable conversion rates.  

Focus on The URL Structure

Even something as an URL affects your landing page performance. A landing page URL acts as the first impression besides the title and the above-the-fold section. Always try to keep the URL short (should not exceed 60 characters).  You can use some of the best URL shorteners to simplify long and complex URLs. These tools give you SEO-friendly, short URLs capable of generating tremendous search traffic on your website. If you want to go for manual URL optimization, include keywords to the far left end as it helps the search bots and the viewers identify the context of your page. 

Pay Attention to Visual Optimization

Some significant components to visual optimization of a SEO Landing page are: 

Schema Markup

In schema markup, you can use specialized vocabularies to label your pages. As a result, your snippets will stand out in SERPs. Schema markups help your website look prominently appealing to the website. You may include these elements in the schema markups (nicknames as rich snippets):

  • Ratings
  • Maps
  • Pictures.
  • Reviews.

You can use tools like Markup Helper and Testing Tool to implement schema markup on your webpage. These tools come in handy to wash off any ambiguity on your website.


We all know how visual elements like images, videos, infographics, videos drive search engine traffic and enhance the user experience of websites. But besides user experience, these multimedia elements can be used for SEO proposes as well: 

  • Add alt text for images: Let the SEO-friendly alt text speak for your pictures. Include target keywords that your users are more likely to search. This makes way for greater online visibility on your website.
  • Include a video transcript: Sometimes, users complain that they could not watch the video for technical reasons or maybe guests were too loud at home. In that case, a video transcript would come in real handy for your users.

The Hero Section/Above-the-fold content

Too many ads negate the overall ranking factors, and it’s terrible for SEO as well. After the recent Google update on page layouts, you can’t push high up the rankings if you show ads in the Hero Section. So, keep an eye out for any type of ads penetrating above the fold of your landing page.

Monitor Page Speeds

There’s nothing more disgraceful than a low page speed. Every added second will hurt your bounce rates and overall user experience. Try to keep the load speed under 3 seconds. Looking for issues that may cause a lag in page speeds? Here they are: 

  • Poor Image Optimisation
  • Incompetent coding
  • Hosting service errors
  • Unwanted redirects
  • Multiple Plugins

It is always good to test your website before going live with tools like Page Speed Insights, WebPageTest and GTmetrix. The results will vary depending on devices, location as well as time but enough for optimization. 

Build Backlinks

Take it as a blessing in disguise, but sometimes, you get high authority backlinks for the wrong landing pages resulting in stunted growth for important ones. To build credible authority, you need to compare the backlinks of the pages in question. If possible, contact the external sites and ask them to link to the page you need. And remember, though you need backlinks in numbers, make quality your priority. Natural backlinking earns you the most significant rewards. 

Get High Quality Leads Through SEO-Driven Landing Page Service!

It doesn’t matter if you hired the best copywriter and used a wide array of tools. Your landing page won’t succeed if you don’t go through basic SEO practices. SEO-friendly landing pages determine leads and conversions. 

Optimization ensures your target demographics can reach your landing page for conversions at will. But as the digital marketing industry evolves, other marketing aspects must be taking up most of your time. Hence, you need the backing of a professional landing page service to create expert-oriented copies for your brand. All that you were investing in tools and copywriters will now be useful in availing this service. You will save a lot of money by working with content writing services in India. 

Now, it’s over to you. Refer to this blog if you’re looking for reasons to outsource your content creation to a professional landing page writing service in India. And once you’re settled in on the argument and ready to go, do reach out to us at 

We are looking forward to working with you! 

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