Importance Of A Founder Message On Websites

Importance Of A Founder Message On Websites

Have You ever seen that column that says “About us” on websites? The About Us page is one of the most important pages on any website. It exists so that you get to know the company better. It is an opportunity where the visitors get to know the human side of your company. Most websites include a whole different section of “team members” where they mention their team and briefly introduce their achievements and past experiences.

As clients arrive on the company’s landing page, they hope for an introduction, answering basic questions such as what, when, where, how, and most importantly, WHY, which has to do with the About Us page. The about us section is usually a click away from the homepage of the website. The column is set there to make most of the impression in the quickest way possible.

The About Us page is where you can allay any fears the clients might have and let them know that you are a legitimate company that stands behind what you promise. So, here we are going to discuss why a website must have the founder’s message in the form of an “About Us” page. Let’s dive into it.

Why Do You Need A Founder’s Message On Your Website?

1. Builds Trust – Tells A Story About The Company

People prefer to do business with people, not with faceless algorithms; therefore, It is essential to bring the human touch to your website. This can be derived effectively through adding the founder’s message or bio. It’s the easiest way of getting to know the company. Users feel an enhanced sense of trust in a company after seeing the “people behind the work.”

Every business has a story to tell, but potential customers start to attract to your business through compelling storytelling. The company’s story plays a vital role in attracting attention and building trust. The story should cover how the business was founded, the key players, the beliefs and principles that shaped the company, and details about your team and team members.

Importance Of A Founder Message On Websites

2. Enhances Authenticity – Why They Should Choose You Over Others

A visitor to your website is usually faced with a question: Why should they do business with you? What makes you different from the rest? It does not matter how compelling your products or services are since they play a minor role in answering such questions. To make the customer feel valued, you must show them what you can offer, how you will benefit them, and how you will solve their problems.

The message reflects your company’s flawlessness and what kind of relationship you have with your customers. Without an authentic display of who you are as a company, you can’t help people value your service. Thus, a founder’s message addresses the pain points, provides a solution through a story to make a mark among the audience.

3. Highlights Important Technical Goals – Provides Clarity & Transparency

A company’s About Us page should clearly describe who the company is. Your customer’s perception of the business mechanism can be formed by telling them how your daily operation looks and what is the longer-term goal. Hence a founder’s message would do wonders here. The more personal the message, the more valued the customers feel towards the company.

Also, it is essential to note that the customers might find the “about us” page helpful for answering some small questions. How big or small is your business? How would you describe your values? What is the nature of the business? Is it a family-owned business? A good founder’s message on the “About Us” page answers all of these potential questions.

Founder's message about us

4. Introduces The Company To The People – Gives A Human Element To Business

If you are here, it’s probably because you started an e-commerce business or you already own one and want to make your online presence known. Whatever the reason may be, you have to understand that visitors to your website do not read the About us page to pass the time. They have no idea about your business and want to find out more about it. They have clicked on your search engine ads and are now on the About Us page after visiting the landing page. In other words, it shows that they are very eager to do business with you.

However, the About us page for your site is not just a means for giving visitors some information about your organization. There is also a possibility that significant suppliers will find you and wish to learn more about your company. Depending on how good you are at what you do and how convenient you are to them, other suppliers may offer you lower prices or longer credit periods.

5. Forges Emotional Connection – Humans Prefer To Work With Other Humans And Not Robots

It is also important to take emotional factors into account when conducting business. Building trust between you and your audience is accomplished through an About us page on your website. As long as you demonstrate your professionalism by managing payments, shipping, and handling very well, and providing excellent customer service, people will be willing to pay for your service product.

The founder’s message keeps the promises which prompt the customers to invest in the offering irrespective of the pricing. As fragile creatures, human beings always strive to build good relationships and emotional connections with others, and thus an ‘About Us’ serves as the emotional bridge and gives them exactly what they need.

Importance of founder's message

6. Creates Information Hierarchy – A Clear Layout Helps Improve Navigation

On your company’s About us page, you should provide the most important information at the top. It would be best if you did not make your site visitors scroll down to find the important information they need. Unlike some websites, people don’t have the time to sit and read their About Us pages for more than 10 minutes straight. Provide them with the most crucial information about your business in about 30 seconds of their time.

7. Identifies People Behind The Business – Gives A Personality And Identity To Your Business

The founder’s message on the “About Us” page shows the heritage and bloodline of the company. What I mean by “bloodline” is that an about us page includes information about the staff members involved in the business. The page includes pictures of the founder along with the smiling employees. The readers can also read in brief about the designation, educational qualifications, experience, background, for instance. This professional attitude by the company shows that any customer can feel comfortable doing business with them.

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Are You Willing To Get Started?

Did you know that “About Us” pages are the second most visited pages on any company’s website? Yes, it is thus essential to optimize this page if you want to turn your website into a lead-generating machine. It is an opportunity for you to pass a friendly message to the customers.

So, if you want to kick off your new venture, you might need some website content writers who can not only fill out your website content but also craft personalized messages to hook the readers from the get-go.

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