How to Hike Your Blog Traffic With These SEO Techniques

How to Increase Blog Traffic With These SEO Techniques

The only reason you’re here is that your traffic has hit a dead-end. And all the SEO experts or have declared you incompetent as an SEO blog content writer. But here’s the best part – You’re not alone. It’s the story of every other aspiring writer or a small business owner. 

We looked through all the SEO counsels by Gurus, fellow bloggers, marketers, and social media. And we found some of the most timeless SEO tips and tricks for both amateurs & veteran marketers. Here are seven of those SEO techniques you should sleep on every day:

7 SEO Blog Content Techniques That Will Increase Traffic on Your Blog

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be a tough won game. You have to apply various techniques to keep keywords in mind and carry out updates on a regular basis to ensure better SEO performance. Here are the 7 basic SEO techniques which can help your content titles, body text, and URLs, to present your blog posts in the best possible light.

1. Add Keyword Specific Phrases and Questions in Your Blog Title

Nobody has the time to sleep on your article. Either they skim and find the answer to their query or click away to some other content. And this is why articles with no specific niche or keywords suffer when it comes to generating traction. 

You need to “Pick a Niche first” if you want to claim authority over your content. Nobody wants to hear everything you have to say. Focus on one topic, and your authority will grow. People will read. 

Keyword Specific Phrases

One good way to increase your search performance or the number of niche-specific keywords is to add questions related to your industry. For instance, if you run a coffee blog, you can create blogs around questions like “When is the best time to drink coffee” or “How much Coffee is good for health.”

2. You Can’t Do Without Individual Service & Location Pages

Have you ever considered creating a separate page for each service or location, or do you stuff all of them into one single page? 

If you agreed with the latter, you need to make serious changes to your strategy. Quite possibly, you haven’t been getting enough traffic on your website too.

Because the search engine doesn’t have much information to find your content – no target keywords, or CTAs, forget about the whole blog post. As a result, your website is deserted. 

What you need to do is create a drop-down menu with separate service pages to increase search presence for a variety of keywords. This way, you’re more likely to get conversions at a quick rate. 

3. Every Service Page Must Be Like A Homepage

Perhaps as a content marketer, you have a lot of plates spinning at the moment. So, you’re not focused on developing service pages for your website. 


But you’re missing out on a good chance to spur your search traffic by leaving them wary of content. Those service pages also have a fair chance of ranking, and hence if you build links and apply creative storytelling, you can generate external traction at no extra cost.

Need help in creating content for your service pages? Contact Team Content Writing 101 and get your website the maximum traffic. Our SEO content writers will never leave you disgruntled because we will align with your demands and create a user-friendly experience on your website. 

4. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly 

Half of the world’s population uses mobile devices to perform any online activity – from searching queries and reading blogs to buying products. Which is why you need to improve how your website looks on mobile devices. 

Mobile optimization boosts SEO analytics. And as a result, more search traffic is generated. So, how exactly should you employ mobile optimization? 

With drastic AI penetration, there are theme and template options already built for mobile compatibility. All you have to do is make sure your CTA buttons and font sizes match up. Make sure you check your website’s performance on Google Analytics as well as run regular loading speed tests.

5. Nothing Works Better For an SEO Blog Content Like a Great CTA 

Blog posts without a CTA are like birthday parties without a cake. Your friends will turn their backs on you if you host a cakeless party. 

A CTA is the ultimate green flag for your readers to become your regular customers. A CTA should be relevant to your topic and entice the reader to take action. Whether you’re offering them white papers, free newsletter signup, an ebook course, or an ecommerce product, you’ll need a strong CTA on every blog post.

Call to action

CTAs come in different forms – buttons, hyperlinks, and widgets. Buttons are handy when you’re selling something as they’re bold and extra visible. Hyperlinks could be used when you want the reader to check out another SEO blog content. And widgets are used as an eye-catcher in blog posts with layouts, text, and animations. 

6. Use Topic Clusters to Organize Your Blog Structure

Topic clusters, synonymous with pillar clusters, are the most effective way to streamline your content model. Here, you create individual posts for each sub-topic under a single niche. 

For instance, take “digital nomads” as a parent topic. There could be so many sub-topics like “top 10 destinations for digital nomads in India”, “How many types of digital nomads are there,” or “Career options for digital nomads,” and so on. 

What are SEO Topic Clusters? -

Now in order to rank, you need to target a particular keyword in all these sub-blog posts and link them internally to each other. This way, you’ll have a broader search authority over a variety of topic clusters. 

7. Keep Mixing It Up 

Content marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavour. You need to experiment with different types of content to attract an array of different audiences. As long as the purpose of the content is fulfilled, you can do anything you want with the format, layout, and presentation. 

If it takes to sandwich a 500-word SEO blog content amidst two long-forms or an AMA (Ask Me Anything) post in between videos, infographics, and statistical pieces, go for it. As a business owner, your goal should be to engage as many customers as possible with a variety of content formats.

Take Your SEO Blog Content to New Heights With Our SEO Strategy

Though the process seems simple, it takes time. Ideation, drafting, scheduling, and content distribution take a lot of time. That’s where blog writing services come into play. 

Take help from the best SEO Blog Content Writers in Nashik who follow all the best practices to help your blog stand out among the competition. All of the tips shared above have been tried and tested by our staff writers and have yielded promising results with a wide range of clients. 

It’s about time you took our services and led your content marketing strategy to the next level! 

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